Will Extract
Reference NA1560
Family Name ABOAB
Forenames Isaac
Probate Date 1786 (19 Oct)
Address formerly Gibraltar then 2 Sandy Street Bishopsgate.
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Hannah Aboab and Simha nee Ben Esquera
Siblings Jacob Aboab Menachem Aboab and Rachel the wife of Jacob Levy Bensusan. It is unclear in the will whether there was also a sister Miriam.
Other Relatives Niece Miriam the daughter of Menachem and wife of Solomon Cohen of London. another daughter of Menachem is **** the wife of David Coutis? Niece Miriam Sealtas the daughter of Rachel. Nephew David Aboab of Tangier or Tetuan the son of Jacob. Niece Miri
Bequests Heirs and sons of David Fernanes Dias merchant of Salonique. Heirs and sons of Jacob Bushara of Algiers. Guardsman Moshe Dina of Leghorn who is a relation of Susina?. the heirs of Raphael Ergas the brother of Moshe. heirs of Juan de Prado of Amsterdam. J
Executors, Administrators Friend Joseph Cortissos Notary Public of 9 St. Michaels Alley Cornhill and Simha Aboab who is to take back her maiden name Simha Ben Esquera. First wife Hannah is excluded because she is illiterate.
Witnesses Je. De Pinna notary Public. Joseph Cortissos. Moses Israel. Bathsheba Baruh and Salvador Abudartam?
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1146