Will Extract
ALVARES Aron aka Juan
Reference NA1582
Family Name ALVARES
Forenames Aron aka Juan
Probate Date 1740 (9 Aug)
Address Amsterdam
Siblings Maria Alvares the wife of Abraham Moses Pereira
Children Sisters Hana Bueno Henriques widow of Joshua Bueno Henriques Sara Baruh Henriques widow of Abraham Bueno Henriques Laura aka Sara Alvares.
Grandchildren Gracia Bueno Henriques (daughter of Sara). Clara Nunes Henriques the wife of Moses Alvares Bueno and Rachel Nunes Henriques daughters of Laura.
Other Relatives Son-in-law Manuel Henriques.
Executors, Administrators David Mendes Da Costa. Isaac De Pinto. Abraham De Veiga. Jacob Nunes Henriques. Abraham Henriques Forroiza?. Selomoh De Jacob Belmonte
Witnesses Appeared before Peter Schabadlje? Notary Public of Amsterdam
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/704