Will Extract
ZOX Ephraim Lamen
Reference NA1624
Family Name ZOX
Forenames Ephraim Lamen
Probate Date 1899 (11 Dec)
Address Delville Fitzroy Street St. Kilda
Occupation Gentleman
Parents Lamen Zox
Other Relatives
Bequests Annie Cohen the wife of Montague Cohen and Frances Levy the wife of Abraham Levy of "Delville" Fitzroy Street St. Kilda. Albert Williams the testator's clerk
Executors, Administrators Montague Cohen Solicitor of 61 Queen Street Melbourne and Joel Fox of the Equity Trustees of 52 Queen Street.
Witnesses William Moley Law Clerk of 35 Westbourne Street East Prahan and Joseph Herman law clerk of 18 Gratten Street Carlton
NA Cat Ref Vic 73/813