Will Extract
Reference NA1635
Family Name BENJAMIN
Forenames David
Probate Date 1893 (21 Sep)
Address 86 Westbourne Terrace Hyde Park
Spouse Esther
Children Benjamin Henry Benjamin Maurice David Benjamin Alfred David Benjamin Louis David Benjami Lionel David Benjamin Edmund David Neville (formerly known as Edmund David Benjamin) Frank David Benjamin Philip David Benjamin. Daughters Miriam Benjamin
Other Relatives Sister-in-law Sarah Solomon. Nieces Sarah Abrahams and Esther Abrahams. Son-in-law Arnold Abraham Kulb.
Bequests Synagogue Bourke-street Melbourne -the foundation of which was laid by him. Rebecca Neuburger wife of Myer Neuburger of 61 East 112th-street Harlem N.Y.. Elizabeth Cashmore of St. Vincent’s place Albert-park Melbourne. Rev. Dr. Hermann Adler act
Executors, Administrators Execs Benjamin Henry Benjamin. Maurice David Benjamin. Alfred David Benjamin (Toronto). Lionel David Benjamin. Edmund David Neville (formerly known as Edmund David Benjamin). Samuel Edward Moss of 148 Harley Street Middlesex. Arnold Abraham Kulb of 10 D
Witnesses Lewis Emanuel Solicitor of 35 Finsbury Circus. F.J. Walker his clerk. Thomas Keling. Alfred David Levi Law Student of 36 Finsbury Circus (later at 20 Princes Square Bayswater)..
NA Cat Ref Vic 53/532