Will Extract
HART Harty
Reference NA1639
Family Name HART
Forenames Harty
Probate Date 1880 (3 Dec)
Address 246 Lonsdale Street East Melbourne
Occupation Dealer
Siblings Gershon Hart Cigar Maker of Massachusetts USA Abraham Hart Cigar Maker of Massachusetts USA Amelia the wife of Lewis Levy Dealer of London (mentions children of her present and former husband Henry Hart) Michael Hart of Melbourne
Other Relatives Nieces Betsy Hart and Clara Hart daughters of Amelia and Henry Hart. Nephews Hart Levy and Lewis Levy sons of Amelia and Lewis.Gershon Hart the son of Michael
Executors, Administrators Mark Moss Gentleman of Clarendon Street East Melbourne and Henry Lyon Pawnbroker of Bourke Street Melbourne
Witnesses Henry Penheth Fergil Notary Public Melbourne and John Greenhill Law Clerk of 84 Chancery Lane Melbourne.
NA Cat Ref Vic 21/246