Will Extract
HENRIQUES Jacob Quixano
Reference NA1647
Forenames Jacob Quixano
Probate Date 1903 (17 Dec)
Address 139 Harley Street Middlesex.
Occupation Esquire
Children David Quixano Henriques (wife Agnes Charlotte Lucas). Alice Rachel Henriques. Elizabeth Waley Henriques. Beatrice Julia Henriques the wife of Francis Samuel Samuel. Frances Lucy Henriques the wife of Raoul Hector Fo
Other Relatives Nieces and Nephew Julia Matilda Cohen. Ellen Jacobs. William Luddington Henriques
Bequests Godsons Jacob Samah Corinalda. Cecil Quixano Henriques. John David Waley. Charlie Waley Cohen. Julian Quixano Henriques . Edgar Henriques Samuel. Aubrey Henriques Fo?. Bequests to Rev. Prof. David Woolf Marks and Nurse Donaldson.
Executors, Administrators David Quixano Henriques of Sussex Square Hyde Park. Francis Samuel Samuel of 34 Bryanston Square. Frederick Gutteres Henriques of 19 Hyde Park Square.
Witnesses Fred. Wm. Yeats. Frederick Willson Yeates solicitors of 23 Surrey Street London. Charles Gammage Butler and George Swaby Footman both of 139 Harley Street. Attestation by Ronald Lucas Quixano Henriques of 17 Sussex Square.
NA Cat Ref Vic 89/169