Will Extract
ISRAEL Hendela
Reference NA212
Family Name ISRAEL
Forenames Hendela
Probate Date 1798 (11 Sept)
Address Amsterdam
Occupation widow
Spouse Jacob Benedictus
Siblings Israel Jacobs
Children Daughters of Benedictus are Siphora Jacobs the wife of Hyman Abraham Coenraads and Gella Jacobs
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Jacob Moses, Philip David Levy Salomons and Emanuel Barends.
Witnesses Abraham Meyerheym? Isaac Abraham Cohen and J. Klinkhammertr. L? van Venboner?
Notes Translated from the Low Dutch. This is Jacob Benedictus A”B-Hakker, (1719 1778) the son of Benedictus Baruch-Bendit Mozes A”B-Hakker and Clara Gerritje Gelle Isaac Itsak Sofer who married in 1744 Debora Pinchas Sofer, (1720- 1767). Their daughters: Sipora Tsipor (1747 -1791 ) Married 1766 Hijman Chaim Abraham Aberle Blits-Huhnerkoper Coenraad; Gella and son Pinchas. After the death of Debora, Benedictus married Hendele Jacob Israel Polak, (1729 1804) daughter of Jacob Israel Polak Melamed and Ester Barend Perets Ber. This was her third marriage. Her previous marriage was to Leman Leima Levie Mossel (from Akevoth)
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/1045