Will Extract
JOSEPH Abraham
Reference NA228
Family Name JOSEPH
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1795 (4 Feb)
Address Plymouth
Occupation Gentleman
Spouse Rosey
Children Sons Joseph and Samuel, daughters, Golei? Honsel? Briney? Esther and Phoebe the wife of Abraham Aaron.
Grandchildren Henry the son of Joseph Joseph
Other Relatives Nephew, Angel Emanuel
Bequests Moses Ephraim of Plymouth
Executors, Administrators Rosey Joseph and Joseph Joseph
Witnesses Charles Younge and Moses Ephraim
Notes Various tenants mentioned including Thomas Sampson. Rosa Abraham (her grandfather Michael Moses lived in Creechurch Lane). Her parents married in 1740 she could not have been very old at the timeby the middle 1760’s Abraham and Rosa had married and settled in Devon, for the 1841 census reports their elder son Joseph Joseph was born in 1766 and in Devonshire..Rosa’s aunt Bilah married to Moses Samuel, secretary to the Plymouth Congregation, was already living there with her unmarried sister Sarah, though they may have followed the Josephs (the source of this information Jochabed Hart’s Will was proved in 1797). It might have been because Isaac Polak, Rosa Joseph’s father’s first cousin, had settled in Penryn, Cornwall, or another first cousin had gone to Poole or perhaps she was related to Alexander or Phoebe Moses of Falmouth. By 1786 Abraham Joseph’s. wasChief Warden of the congregation. In 1794, Abraham Joseph fell sick and drew his will leaves his real estate to his children; sons Joseph Joseph and Samuel Joseph. legacy to his nephew Angel Emanuel who died three years later in the West Indiesand twelve guineas to Moses Ephraim of Plymouth Schoolmaster. The residuary estate was divided into eight parts, one each to go to his widow Rosa and his seven children. His seven children (if he had any who predeceased him is not known) were his two sons already mentioned and five daughters Gele and Henel (Gertrude and Hannah of whom no more is known), Phoebe then his only unmarried daughter, married to Abraham Aaron, Brinay who would marry Nathan Joseph and Esther later the wife of Mozely Isaac Elkin of the West Indies. Of the five daughters mentioned in Abraham Joseph’s Will, complete oblivion has fallen on Gelen and Hensel. The other three were Phoebe, Brinay and Esther. As mentioned they married Abraham Aaron (1767-1833), Nathan Joseph (1766-1849) and Mozeley Isaac Elkin respectively. Susser. (Dealer in wholesale slops for the navy.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1255