Will Extract
Reference NA1898
Family Name MARKS
Forenames Henry
Probate Date 1872 (5 June)
Address Melbourne and Yokahama Japan
Occupation Merchant
Parents Caspar Marks and Julia Marks of Melbourne
Siblings Alexander Marks Merchant of Yokohama. Rachel Marks. Jeanette Rosenthal. Maria Rapiport. Lawrence Marks of Hivgo? Japan. Mark Marks of New York
Children Sophia Marks and Louisa Marks of Yokahama illegitimate daughters "born of Omeksan a native of Japan"
Other Relatives Brother-in-law Bear Rapiport Merchant of Jamison Victoria and of Vienna Austria. Aunt Rebecca Silverman/Sloman? of New York
Executors, Administrators Alexander Marks and Bear Rapiport.
Witnesses Henry N. Jennings and Thomas Knight his clerk
NA Cat Ref Vic 9/907