Will Extract
Reference NA1907
Family Name MARKS
Forenames Kate
Probate Date 1909 (11 Oct)
Address 66 George Street Fitzroy
Occupation Spinster
Siblings Alexander Marks. Sarah Basch. Isabella Hamburg. Charles Marks. Josiah Marks. Ellen Lazarus. Rose Levy. Henry Marks.
Other Relatives Nephews Joseph Marks. Phillip Marks. Harry Marks. Jack Marks. Herbert Marks. Alexander Marks. Nieces Louisa Marks. Julia Marks. Florence Marks - the children of her late brother Charles of Ballarat. Nephews Joseph Leonard Marks. Isaac Henry Marks. and nieces Isabella Esther Solomon. Rosetta Julia Marks. Florence Victoria Marks. Miriam Kate Marks. Elizabeth Maria Marks. the children of her brother Josiah Marks. Nephews Emanuel Samuel Lazarus. Lewis Solomon Lazarus. and nieces Miriam Solomon Book. Julia Bernberg. Florence Sarah Pesaro?. the children of Ellen Lazarus of Perth. Nephews Joseph Victor Levy. and nieces Florence Sarah Levy. Violet Esther Levy. Elsie May Levy the children of Rose Levy. Nephews Joseph *** Marks. Alfred George Marks. Lazarus Josiah Marks and Nieces Rachel Elizabeth Marks Julia Ellen Marks children of Henry Marks.
Executors, Administrators Intestate admin to Alexander Marks of 17 St. Vincents Place Albert Park.
Witnesses Affidavit sworn by Alexander Marks Joseph Gustavus Basch Solomon Lazarus and Montague Levy of 151 Gertrude Street Fitzroy.
NA Cat Ref Vic 112741