Will Extract
Reference NA235
Family Name JOSEPH
Forenames Joseph
Probate Date 1852 (17 Sept)
Address 13 Nelson Square, Blackfriars Road.
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Miriam
Siblings Miriam Cohen of Cincinnati?
Children Judah(John), Maurice, Henry, George, Braham, Edward, Charles, Selim and Hannah.
Other Relatives
Bequests Bunford Samuel, Merchant of 11 Poultry and Philip Sander Phillips, sponge merchant of 25 Wormwood Street, Bishopsgate.
Executors, Administrators Miriam Joseph, Bunford Samuel and Philip Sander Phillips.
Witnesses Sampson Samuel of 26 New Bread Street and *****?, John Edwards of 39 Lethbury and Fred Eglerby his clerk. William Langford 59 Friday Street and **** Marsden.
Notes New Synagogue. He was in partnership with Solomon Meyer and Mayer Meyer. Partner of son Selim is Henry Woodgate
NA Cat Ref prob 11/2159