Will Extract
Reference NA243
Family Name JOSEPH
Forenames Samuel
Probate Date 1834 (7 June)
Address Bedford Square
Occupation Esquire
Spouse Leah
Siblings Sister Sarah Mosley.
Children His children are all female
Other Relatives
Bequests Samuel Goodhouse of Cheapside and Moses Mocatta of Tavistock Square. James Bult of Burrows Building, Blackfriars road. Rebecca Lyon, spinster.
Executors, Administrators Leah Joseph, Samuel Goodhouse, Moses Mocatta and James Bult
Witnesses George Trever Timberlake of 311 Oxford Street and R.H. Salmond clerk to Mr. Martindale of Gray’s Inn.
Notes GSBUR 292/2178, 23 May, 1814. BSGSBUR 292/2178. Sarah is perhaps died 1822 BSGSBUR 440/3347 wife of MOSELY John (Moses b Yakob SGL (PM R)) 4 Gloster Terrace.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1557