Will Extract
ABRAHAM Joseph Bear
Reference NA245
Family Name ABRAHAM
Forenames Joseph Bear
Probate Date 1815 (28 June)
Address Essex
Occupation Gentleman
Spouse Elizabeth
Parents Mother, Eve?
Siblings Frances? Goodman Abrahams, Abraham Abrahams, David Abrahams, Sarah Benjamin and Hannah Bollan
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators William Gifford and Joan Ellis of Stratford, Essex.
Witnesses Mary Charington and W. Maidon, Surgeon.
Notes Joseph Bear Abrahams NA245 was mentioned in an Old Bailey trial of 1790 (t17900224-14) .Who was with you? – Benjamin Abrahams and his brother, Joseph Abrahams, they call him Bear. Benjamin is very probably NA631 and burial BSGSBUR 247/1822, Benjamin b. Behr Abrams; In his will Benjamin mentions a sister Betsy who married Lewis Lazarus b.Yetzla from Portsmouth. This must be GSM 011/6 for 1793. Her father is recorded as Behr Barker. Brother Goodman must be GSM 064/2, Goodman b. Behr Barber. Sister Sarah is probably GSM 049b/10 father recorded as Behr Barber.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1569