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KEYSER Alexander Isaks
Reference NA246
Family Name KEYSER
Forenames Alexander Isaks
Probate Date 1779 (29 Oct)
Address Hackney
Occupation Broker
Spouse Leah
Siblings Brothers, Eleazer Isaac Keyser; Abraham Isaac Keyser, broker of Amsterdam and Lion Isaac Keyser. Sisters are Mary? wife of Herz? Solomon Cohen of Hanover; Rachel wife of Hartog de Vries of Amsterdam; Fratje wife of Reuben Salomons of Amsterdam, merchant; Hannah Keyser.
Children Daughter is Rachael Goldsmid wife of Asher Goldsmid
Grandchildren Grandson is Isaac Asher Goldsmid b. Asher
Other Relatives Rosey Salomons (daughter of his present wife Leah with her former husband Michael Salomons now deceased); niece Hannah Keyser daughter of his brother Lion.
Bequests Abraham de Mattos Mocatta of Mansell Street, Asher Keyser, Merchant of Crutched Friars and Asher Goldsmid, Broker of London.
Executors, Administrators Eleazer Isaac Keyser, Abraham de Mattos Mocatta, Asher Keyser and Asher Goldsmid.
Witnesses Thomas Le Breton of Swithins Lane and William Witherby of Birchin Lane. Tr. Attested by Josh. Schabracq. Appeared Alexander Keyser the younger of Clapton? and Abraham Goldsmid of Leman Street.
Notes First wife (married ca 1751) was Marianne Barend SALOMONS daughter of Barend SALOMONS and Gittle Joseph REINBACH) she died about 1769 in London? His second wife was Leah Philip SALOMONS ( married after 176) daughter of Philip Barend SALOMONS and Rebecca Elias Breslau LEVIE) died after 1799. She was born in Amsterdam.
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/1057