Will Extract
Reference NA247
Family Name KEYSER
Forenames Assur
Probate Date 1816 (18 April)
Address Finsbury Square
Occupation Merchant
Spouse deceased wife Martha, present wife Leah.
Siblings Ruben Hermanus Keyser,
Other Relatives Nephews, Ruben Alexander Keyser; Hermanus Alexander Keyser; Elias alexander Keyser; cousins, Solomon, Jacob and Isaac Keyser; Eleazer Isaks Keyser and his son Isaac Keyser. Father in law Eleazer Hermanus Keyser. Niece, Miriam Gompertz wife of Barnet Gompertz, Merchant of London; niece Hannah Daniels wife of Alexander Daniels;
Bequests Susannah Davis, Servant
Executors, Administrators Leah Keyser, Eleazer Isak Keyser, Ruben Alexander Keyser and Isaac Keyser (son of Eleazer)
Witnesses William Walton and James Pulman his clerk.
Notes To be buried in the grounds of Hamburg Synagogue, Church Row.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1579