Will Extract
Reference NA251
Family Name LAZARUS
Forenames Aaron
Probate Date 1776 (17 May)
Address Gun Yard, Houndsditch
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Ann
Siblings Brothers, Michael Lazarus, Mordecai (deceased), Lezer (deceased). Sisters, Bluma living in Frankfurt (has three children), Rose the wife of Lyon Michael
Other Relatives Sons of Rose and Michael Lyon are Joseph and Michael. Lyon also has a sister Bluma. Brother in law is Philip Salomon of Seething? Lane and son in law is Isaac Jacob Salomon. Sons of Mordecai Lazarus are Joseph and Moses. Lezer Lazarus has three children. Lipman Marcus is the cousin of his former wife. Nieces Joseph? Mordecai and Eve children of Mordecai Lazarus, Nephew Aaron Michael,
Bequests Servant, Abraham Phillips.
Executors, Administrators Philip Salomon and Isaac Jacob Salomon
Witnesses Jno. Ellis and ** Wilinson?
Notes He leaves a bequest to brother Michael as a Sheliza for his widow Ann to remarry.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1020