Will Extract
Reference NA252
Family Name LAZARUS
Forenames Ann
Probate Date 1823 (3 Oct)
Address Formerly Gun Yard and then of the Strand.
Spouse Isaac
Parents Hirsh Pising
Other Relatives Miss Merle daughter of her deceased relation Isaac Handro??? (Hanover)
Bequests Miss Merle? (she turns out to be Jemima Salomon) may she live daughter of my relation the deceased Mr Isaac Hano... (Hanover?) [he turns out to be Isaac Salomon formerly of Hanover] Jochebed Aaron and Lipman the children of the deceased (Mr Salomon) The widow of the above mentioned Mr Isaac (Salomon) Jochabed (Lazarus), Aaron (Salomon), Merle, Lipman (Salomon) Mr (or poss Mrs) Solomon (should be Salomon - pointed out as an error later on) widow of Isaac Salomon formerly of Hanover Denmark Synagogue Jochabed Lazarus widow Jemima Salomon spinster Eve Salomon widow Cousins: Jochebed Lazarus widow, Aaron Salomon, Jemima Salomon spinster, Lipman Salomon the cousins German once removed and only next of kin having first .....
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses witness W. Lowe. Appeared Jochabed Lazarus of Maiden Lane. Cousins, Jemima Salomon , spinster of the Strand and Eve Salomon, widow of the Strand
Notes Asks to be buried next to her brother. Hamburgh Synagogue. Trs from the Hebrew, Dutch and German
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1676