Will Extract
WOOLF Catherine
Reference NA1948
Family Name WOOLF
Forenames Catherine
Probate Date 1903 (29 May)
Address Sydney Villa Beaconsfield Parade St. Kilda
Occupation Widow
Spouse Henry
Children Louis Sydney Woolf Barrister of South Yarra Melbourne Joseph Woolf Solicitor of St. Kilda Elizabeth Woolf Many Ann Donahoo the wife of John Donahoo of St. Kilda John Conway (wife Elizabeth)
Grandchildren Sydney John Donahoo Hector Donahoo Mary Ann Donahoo
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Louis Sydney Woolf and Joseph Woolf.
Witnesses Adolph Charles Destr?e Solicitor of 43 Market Street J.J. Hanby and ****? Clerk and accountant to Woolf and Destr?e.
NA Cat Ref Vic 88/589