Will Extract
Reference NA1990
Family Name SOLOMON
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1893 (27 June)
Address 161 Spring Street Melbourne previously 105 Spring Street.
Occupation Financier firm of Solomons and Moses.
Spouse (Esther)
Children Annie Solomons the wife of John Solomon Solomon Solomons
Grandchildren Florence Solomon the daughter of Annie. Other nine grandchildren not named.
Other Relatives Not certain from the probate document whether the following are children or grandchildren: Alfred Solomons Mark Solomons Morris Solomons A.M. Solomons Kate Nathan J. A Solomons
Executors, Administrators Ephraim Lamen Zox Commission Agent of Collins Street Alfred Lazarus Levy Licenced Victualler late of the London Family Hotel Port Melbourne then of the Royal George Hotel 257 Chapel Street Prahran.
Witnesses Philip David Phillips Solicitor and Thomas Henderson his clerk.
NA Cat Ref Vic 52/145