Will Extract
LEVI Nathaniel
Reference NA1993
Family Name LEVI
Forenames Nathaniel
Probate Date 1908 (12 Oct)
Address Liverpool Princes Street St. Kilda
Occupation Gentleman
Siblings Alfred Levi (Henry Levi see notes)
Children Joseph Levi John Levi
Grandchildren Rupert Nathaniel Levi Keith Maurice Levi Dorothy Sarah Levi Sybil Miriam Levi Herbert Nathaniel Lewis Levi
Other Relatives Sister-in-law Rachel (wife of Albert). Daughter-in-law Kate Selina Levi. Nieces and Nephew Nate Levi of Liverpool England Sarah Cohen of Manchester England Florrie Levi of Liverpool England.
Bequests Mary Harriete Manger Nurse.
Executors, Administrators Joseph Levi John Levi
Witnesses ?
NA Cat Ref Vic 109186