Will Extract
PROOPS Anna Joseph
Reference NA2037
Family Name PROOPS
Forenames Anna Joseph
Probate Date 1822 (12 Jan)
Address Winspur? Street between the ****Skaat and Shotpringat? Or 4594 ****?Amsterdam
Occupation Widow
Spouse Joseph van Emden
Siblings Salomon Proops of Amishlstraat? Amsterdam spouse is Schoontje Mozes Mullem.
Children Solomon Joseph van Emden (says he is her only child)
Other Relatives Niece Mietje Salomon Proops
Bequests Mietje Levie Boridbson???(Jacobson?) And Joseph Levie Boridbson???(Jacobson?) Anna Wolff Content daughter of Moses Content and Floinde??? Content of******
Executors, Administrators Solomon Joseph Emden substitution guardian Levie Bordison???(Jacobson?) Commission Merchant or Baruch Isaac Shantor (Cantor?) both of Amsterdam
Witnesses Jan Christian ***** Notary Public of Amsterdam Mozes Levie van Cleef Merchant***** Moses Ritmashz??? And ****Zilver
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1652