Will Extract
LEVY Benjamin
Reference NA270
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Benjamin
Probate Date 1704 (17 July)
Address London
Occupation Broker
Spouse Dufte Jacob Heilbut?
Siblings Seligman Levy, Isaac Levy, Bilah Levy, Leah, Hendela,
Children Menachem, Gally, Elias, Abigail
Other Relatives Mother-in-law Bilah Heilbut; uncles, Michael Levy and Jacob Heilbut. Nephew **** Jehuda son of sister Leah and Samuel son of Seligman. Brother-in-law,Moses Hart. Brother Isaac of his father’s side? Brother-in-law Moses Heilbut. Sister’s son is Woolf and brother Seligman’s son is Samuel (Solomon?)
Bequests Michael Levy (nurse?), Alvaro de Fonseca, Merchant of London; Abraham Nathan, Jeweler of London; Joshua Gomes Serra; Isaac Fernandes Nunes; Servant, Abraham Heilbut.
Executors, Administrators Alvaro de Fonseca, Abraham Nathan, Joshua Gomes Serra, Isaac Fernandes Nunes and Moses Hart;
Notes Mentioned Alphonso Rodrigues. The daughter of Abraham Nathan. Mentioned Samuel and Simon Gosler. Mar***Moses Got**** to the daughter of Simon Gosler. Heyman Magnus in Hamburgh. Rabbi Libe? Rabbi Hirsh, Rabbi Isaac Prague. Asks to be buried next to his wife.Some of my children were buried in the Portuguese burying place to be laid there but since my dear wife was buried in the Dutch place I desire to be laid by her.Financial dealings include – order no … made forth to the Right .. Richard Earle of … and order no … made forth to Theophilis Armitt?
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/477