Will Extract
Mendez Benjamin
Reference NA2073
Family Name Mendez
Forenames Benjamin
Probate Date 1755 (9 Jan)
Address Bury Street Staint Mry Axe London
Occupation merchant
Spouse Luna
Other Relatives Great nephew Monasseh Mendez and his heirs. Cousin Debora daughter of his late uncle Elias Aboab Fustado by his wife Esther. Sarah the widow of his late nephew Joseph Mendes.
Bequests Refers to property and other ‘appurtances’ purchased from Lady Rydor and others and asks these be held in trust for his wife and friends Isaac Lindo. Isaac Delmonte. London merchant.David Abenetor Primentele.London merchant. Daniel Mendez Seixas and their heirs. Portuguese Synagogue charities Joseph Caroza
Executors, Administrators Luna Mendez his wife.Isaac Lindo London broker.Isaac Delmonte London merchant.Daniel Mendez Seixas London merchant.David Abenetor London merchant
Witnesses Js Mendes.Jn Alexander.William Tyssen
Notes Requests that his Marriage Agreement or ketuba be fully complied with
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