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DE CAPODOCE (otherwise CAPADOSE) Abraham
Reference NA2075
Family Name DE CAPODOCE (otherwise CAPADOSE)
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date
Address Amsterdam
Spouse Rebecca de Chaves
Parents Joseph Capodoce.Isanna Capodoce Marhado (both deceased)
Siblings Aron.Abraham.Rachel wife of Moses Rodrigues da Costa
Other Relatives Grandfather Sir Anthonio Alvares Marhado Father in law Joseph Henriques Chaves Cousins of his wife Sara Peira. Ribra Pereira daughters of David Pereira and Mariana Marhado Sara and Moses de Chaves children of his wife’s brother Jacob de Chaves
Bequests Portuguese Jews Charities Amsterdam Ester de Meza widow of late David Preto? Maria and Ribca the daughters of Jacob Abenator
Executors, Administrators Rebecca Capodoze other wise Capadoce otherwise Chaves
Witnesses Soronimo Mathews Barels. Bernard Treborle
Notes Appeared before notary Court of Holland Abraham de Joseph Capodoce and Ribca de Chaves married people of the Portuguese Jews Nation living in Amsterdam 26 April 1747. Testator refers to 3 houses he owns at ? Broad Streets Buildings London with papers on the property held by Anthonio Lopes? Baron of Aro..?
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