Will Extract
CURIEL (otherwise Nunes da Costa) Nathan (otherwise Alvaro)
Reference NA2076
Family Name CURIEL (otherwise Nunes da Costa)
Forenames Nathan (otherwise Alvaro)
Probate Date 1738 (9 Oct)
Address Amsterdam
Occupation Agent of the King of Portugal
Children Rebecca Curiel deceased
Grandchildren randdaughter Visfanta Curiel daughter of Emanuel of Barob Curiel Nathan son of Emanuel Curiel
Other Relatives Debora daughter of Isaac Curiel-Salomon son of Isaac Curiel. Lea daughter of Joshua Abas George Rachell daughter of Joshua Abas George. Salomon son of Abraham of Salomon Curiel.Jusua son of Baob Abas
Bequests The Brotherhood of Eshaim of the Portuguese Jewish nation Amsterdam Jacob Tresino
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses Mathys van son? de Jonze. Cornelia Heymans
Notes Appeared before the Norary in Amsterdam regarding his will and probate 28 November 1729 Asks to be buried in the burial place of the Portuguese Jewish nation at Onderforf? His deceased daughter’s estate to receive balance of money held in trust by Aron de David de Pinto on the marriage of her daughter. His granddaughter Vislante? Curiel married Aron de David de Pinto 4 January 1734
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