Will Extract
DE MEZA Esthera Curiel
Reference NA2078
Family Name DE MEZA
Forenames Esthera Curiel
Probate Date
Address Amsterdam
Occupation widow
Spouse Emanuel Curiel alias Alvaro Ramereres decaeased
Siblings Ann Sandors widow
Children Deceased daughter Rachel Curiol widow of David de? Queza ? Isaac Emanuel Curiol eldest son Jacob de Emanuel Curiol youngest son
Grandchildren referred to but not named
Other Relatives Nephew Jonathan Dobbs Nieces Mary Dobbs spinster.Joan Dobbs
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses P De Maroller.Abm.Tzawen. Adr.Baars Notaries
Notes Translated from the Low Dutch 29 September 1731. In her will she refers to property and rent in Church Street Deptford Kent
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