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Penha Rebecca Simha
Reference NA2079
Family Name Penha
Forenames Rebecca Simha
Probate Date 1767 (5 Aug)
Address City of London
Occupation Widow
Siblings Phineas Serra.Abraham Franto of Avghorin?? Hannah Gomes.Sarah.Zipporah Gomes.Sorra?
Children Esther Sorra?
Other Relatives Nephews David Bravo of A..? Abraham Franto?? of …orn? Judith Bravo of Jamaica.Sarah Bravo of Jamaica
Bequests Benjamin Lopes Pereira Moss? Mosoh Frauro Abraham Lopes Pereira Portuguese Synagogue London Various Portuguese Jews charities London
Executors, Administrators Phineas Sorra?
Witnesses Philip de La Court.Judah Supino
Notes Requested to be buried by her sister Sarah Gomes Sofira in the Portuguese burial ground London
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