Will Extract
Reference NA2082
Family Name AVILA
Forenames Aron
Probate Date 1761 (7 Dec)
Address Bell Lane Spitalfields
Occupation Gentleman
Other Relatives Cousins –Sarah.Judith.Moses Alvares Cortho David and Elias Lopez Henriques Kingston Jamaica. sons of his late cousin Sarah Lopez Henriques Sarah Lopez Henriques Kingston Jamaica daughter of his late cousin Sarah Lopez Henriques Samuel Avila apprentice to Morris Morris Potts Saint Martin’s le Grand and his heirs( Samuel Avila’s late mother Ann Mathews) Ann Mary Avila
Bequests William Monty Thompson nephew of Ann Matthews deceased Ester Comts Rachel Rodriques wife of Barob Rodriques Eldest daughter of Benjamin Cartia ( she is not named) Moses Comes? Ethaim Jewish charity Amy Briggs mother of Amy Briggs Rebecca Fernando Cortho residing Beymount France Rachel Nunes Lara Elders.poor. widows and orphans of the Portuguese Jewish nation Martha and Moses Comts Henriques Isaac.Joseph.Ester.Rebecca Delvallt children of his friend Abraham Delvallt Abigail Devallt eldest sister of Isaac Devallt Rachel Comts Henriques John Stirling ? Sarfaty ? living with ?rodriques Moroiza Bedwalk Green Barob Cunha Isaac Penha Overseers of the Parish of Spitalfields Witnesses Potor Mackway.Benjamin Nunes Garcia
Executors, Administrators Moses Alvares Cortho Church Street Stoke Newington Gentleman. Abraham Devalls Bury Street St.Mary Axe Merchant.John Sterling Middle Temple London
Witnesses Potor Mackway.Benjamin Nunes Garcia
Notes He names various individuals who he owes money to and gives specific sums for repaying them
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