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D’Aguilar (formerly Peira afterwards Peira Mendes) Rebecca
Reference NA2085
Family Name D’Aguilar (formerly Peira afterwards Peira Mendes)
Forenames Rebecca
Probate Date 1795 (15 Jul)
Occupation formerly widow of Benjamin Da Costa
Spouse Currently separated from her husband Baron Don Ephraim d’Aguilar
Siblings Sarah Marquez deceased
Other Relatives
Bequests Esther the wife of Moses Fernades David and Moses Da Castro Samuel Mendes Da Costa Joseph Davis Ann Kahleen? Catherine Simmons Croom and Brown servants Portuguese Synagogue London for poor Jews Isaac Jessurun Alvares Simha Jessrun Alvares Isaac De Castro Catherine Linnard Mary Cotta Catherine F? Jonathan Alvares footman Betsy Little Executors Isaac Jesurun Alvares Trustees Abraham Lopes Pereira Isaac Jesurun Alvares
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses Isaac Penha Benjamin Rouler
Notes She makes detailed provision for the separation of her independent assets prior to her 2nd marriage not to be used in any way for the benefit of her husband’s estate or debts. She was the daughter of Isaac Lamego ( see NA 1263) and Martha Alvares Pereira. Her 2nd husband was Baron Ephraim d’Aguilar 1739-1802 was born in Vienna. His first wife was Simha the daughter of Moses Mendes da Costa. They had 2 daughters Georgina Isabella and Caroline. Her second husband was a well known eccentric and miser. She separated from him for twenty years and they had a short partial reconciliation.
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