Will Extract
Nunes Rachel Fernades
Reference NA2088
Family Name Nunes
Forenames Rachel Fernades
Probate Date 1766 (8 Oct)
Address Broad Street Buildings
Spouse Widow
Siblings Isaac Lopes
Children Sarah Lopes wife of Gabriel Lopes London Merchant
Grandchildren Rebecca Fernandos Nunos younger daughter of ? son Abraham Fernandes Nunes Sarah and Rebecca De F..?
Other Relatives Rebecca FernandosNunos the widow of Isaac Fernandos Nunos Son in laws Abraham De Fousora? Moses Gomos Sora? Grandson in law Jacob Qorno? Faiso? Daughter in law Sarah Fernades Nunos widow of Abraham Fernandes Nunos
Bequests Poor Jews of the Portuguese Synagogue London Rachel Daffonsora? daughter of Abraham Daffonsora? Isaac Gomos son of Moses Gomos Sorra London Merchant
Executors, Administrators Sarah Fernandes Nunes widow Jacob Osorio otherwise Osoria
Witnesses Isaac Mendes Da Costa. Robert Burchalle
Notes Trustees Abraham De Fousora? Jacob Qsono?
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