Will Extract
De Mesqita Abraham Gomes
Reference NA2104
Family Name De Mesqita
Forenames Abraham Gomes
Probate Date 1766 (7 Nov)
Address Fenchurch Street
Occupation merchant
Spouse Sarah
Siblings Esther Henriques Faro Rebecca Henriques late sister Sarah Cohon de Azevado wife of Moses Cohon de Azevado
Other Relatives Nieces Ribca Henriques Faro.Rachel.Leah.Simha. Sarah daughters of Esther Henriques Faro Nephew Jacob Faro de Mosquitta Jacob. Abraham Henriques sons of Rebecca Henriques
Executors, Administrators Moses Cohon de Azovado Moses Farro Abraham Levy Ximenes
Witnesses Joan Thompson. Elias Lindo
Notes Asks to be buried in the Portuguese burial ground Mile End Stepney
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