Will Extract
Reference NA2118
Family Name ABENATOR
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1759 [9 Apr]
Address Amsterdam
Occupation Merchant
Spouse 1st Ribca Sammes. 2nd Sara Athias
Siblings Rachel present in marriage to Abraham van David Zwaite. Emanuel. Jacob Deceased brother Emanuel Abentor
Other Relatives Niece Violanto Cardoso Minespa ? present in marriage to Samuel Cardoso Minespa? Rachel. Sara Zwaite Nephews David van Emanuel? Abentor .Jacob Zwaite- David Abentar Primontol. London son of Jacob Abentar Primontol Cousins living in Curaca David.Isaac van Jacob Abentor
Bequests David van Jacob. Israel Athias
Executors, Administrators Executors Sara Athias.Aron Cohen de Lara Junior.Moses van Jacob Henriques Medina
Witnesses Aron Cohen de Lara Junior.Moses van Jacob Henriques Medina
Notes Asks to be buried in the Beth Haim at Oudekerk next to his first wife Ribca Samma? Abentor. Asks for 2 bags of lime to be used at his burial. Unclear reference to Abraham Athias
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