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ATTIAS Abram otherwise Abraham Raffau?
Reference NA2124
Family Name ATTIAS
Forenames Abram otherwise Abraham Raffau?
Probate Date 1799 [26 Nov]
Address 136 St Maria Street Leghorn
Spouse Rachel Uziel
Parents Jacob Athias deceased
Children Jacob.Joseph
Other Relatives
Bequests The Church of St.Maria de Fiore City of Florence
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses George Batta son of the late? Gozzuit? Beudetto son of the late /Lugi ?. Pietro Mirola son of George Beudotto Lugi. Guiseppe? Son of Angelo Maurini Aurouis? Di Cannillio Maurevi? Ferninado son of Lorenzo Caroli . Leopold son of the late ? Galli?
Notes Marriage contract-he refers to his wife Ricca daughter of the late Joseph Uzziol already receiving a portion of money from the late Doctor Aaron Uzziel the paternal uncle dated 5 January 1763. Translated from the Italian
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