Will Extract
Reference NA2154
Family Name ATHIAS
Forenames Jacob
Probate Date 1825 [3 Jan]
Address Finsbury Place London
Occupation Merchant
Siblings Joseph Attias
Other Relatives Rebecca. Bianca daughters of Joseph Attias
Bequests Henry Taylor. Great Corner? City of London ship broker.William Pellrao?Finsbury Middlesex Merchant.Joseph Salomons.Bury Street St MarY Axe City of London Gentleman. Mary Levi? Bensusan.Finsbury Place spinster
Executors, Administrators Henry Taylor. William Pell?rao? Joseph Salomons
Witnesses Moses Banna? Lousada Lara of Ramsgate.Thomas Stace 14 Pavement.Thomas Bowman Union Court Broad Street
Notes He leaves his personal estate in Leghorn Tuscany to his brother Joseph. Refers to property in Gibraltar. Church Street.Goodes’s Lane
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