Will Extract
DELMONTE Esther Cohen de Lara Meroniso
Reference NA2293
Family Name DELMONTE
Forenames Esther Cohen de Lara Meroniso
Probate Date 1836 [6 Jun]
Address Bury Street St.Mary Axe London
Occupation Spinster
Other Relatives Cousins Rebecca Gomes. Rachel Mendes Teixeria. David Lopes Teixeria. Elias Lopes De?. Uncle Late Elias Lopes Pereira.
Bequests Hanah Da Viega daughter of the late Samuel Da Viega residing in Amsterdam. Sereira Orabuena Alinosuino?. Iona Conquiry . Clara Azudo. Dona? Alusmuno. Judah Azuolos. Rachel Garcia daughter of Daniel Garcia. Rachel Mendes Seira daughter of Elias Mendes Serera. Juan Beulino daughter of Daniel Beulino. Moses and Solomon Almosuino. S?de Castro. Peregrine Fernandez. Marianne Fernandez daughter of Moses. Daniel Garcia. Jonathan Mestrina?. Esther Reudes Pereira wife of Elias Mendes.
Executors, Administrators
Notes Asks to be buried burial ground of Spanish and Portuguese Jews Mile End Old Town. Appeared Ann Foulks 6 Bury Street St.Mary Axe London spinster Haim Capua. Heneage Lane Bevis Marks and stated they knew the Testator
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1862