Will Extract
RABA Gabriel Salomon Henriques
Reference NA2307
Family Name RABA
Forenames Gabriel Salomon Henriques
Probate Date 1826 [15 Mar]
Siblings Aaron. Jacob. Francois junior
Other Relatives Antonio Jose dos Santos. Nephews and nieces most are not named. Niece ? Sima. ?Lopes Peryayra. Arsfide? Felix Children of his niece Lopes Pereya. 3 children not named of Celeste Marie Pereya married to Samuel Lopes Pereya. Nephew and nieces not named 4 children of Francois. Niece the wife of Avigdor. Sister of his niece Mrs Lopes Perayra married to Johen? At Toulouse and her sister Celeste. Nieces? Chaves not named
Bequests Unnamed servant. Harriott his cook. Alexic? His hairdresser. Catherine our woman in the country. Rabbi Nathan Logazan and other curates at the Synagogue
Executors, Administrators
Notes Refers to his poor relatives in Portugal affected by the war. Refers to money owed to him by the late excellency Sazanjo? And his heirs and Baroness Beaumont ? in Paris
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1710 Nb This is the same reference for Abraham Raba probate 1826