Will Extract
DEL MARE alias DEL MAR Jacob
Reference NA2317
Family Name DEL MARE alias DEL MAR
Forenames Jacob
Probate Date 1790 [25 Feb]
Siblings Estrella Del Mare JALFON wife of Zacharias Jalfon of Leghorn.Reyna aka Maria Hieronyma Del Mare. She changed her religion and name (formerly Reyna) and became a Roman Catholic nun in Genoa.Rebecca Del Mare wife of Samuel Del Mare (uncle of the Testator).
Other Relatives Niece Retina? Tararias Talfou?
Bequests Bequests to his original executors Angus McBean. Thomas Bagnold. Thomas Baguelle Both of Kingston Jamaica Merchants
Executors, Administrators He changed his executors to David Rodrigues Silva and Abraham De Zacharias Talfou
Witnesses Abraham Vianna. Thomas Champion Bateman at Mrs Constable 10 Swithins Lane. George Oxlade Junior
Notes Estrella had 7 children all of whom except Abraham lived abroad. See -Del Mare v Rebello Chancery court case. The children of Rebecca brought a court case arguing that the Testator had not meant to have named his sister Reyna in his will and should have written Rebecca. The claim for the plaintiff was rejected. The children of Jacob were all born from his slaves. He names them in his will plus their mothers. His natural children Patty -her mother was Flora and girl Molly assigned to Patty; woman Gol?…and her husband Francisco and John their son all assigned to Patty. Daughter B? her mother slave Margaret. Assigned to B?-Charlotte and her mulatto son Sammy.
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1188