Will Extract
HESSEN Joseph Isaac
Reference NA2320
Family Name HESSEN
Forenames Joseph Isaac
Probate Date 1817 [3 Oct]
Address Wardour Street Soho formerly of Charles Street Westminster
Siblings Moses Eledes?
Other Relatives Nephew Isaac Simon ( sister’s son) at Hanover. Simon and Moses his brother Moses 2 sons by his first wife
Bequests 2 bequests written in Hebrew and may refer to donations to the Synagogue Duke’s Place. William Davis. S?Mannol? Edward Goldsmid. Isaac Simons of Hanover. Mary Curtis
Executors, Administrators Edward Goldsmid. Aaron Lazarus
Witnesses William Davis. Po? Surrey Gentleman. Thomas D. clerks in the Annuity Office Bank of England
Notes Written in German and Hebrew
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1597