Will Extract
Reference NA2348
Family Name PEREIRA
Forenames Abigail
Probate Date 1798 [23 Mar]
Address Formerly Kingston.Jamaica but now of London
Spouse Widow
Siblings Sibling Mordeca Rodrigues Lopes
Other Relatives ‘kinswoman’ Esther Levy widow and her niece ? Levy. Rebecca Aguilar widow of Isaac. Abigail F? Sister in law Rebecca wife of Mordecai Rodrigues Lopes. Niece Rachel Pereira late wife of Isaac now in London. Nephew Manuel? Son of her brother Mordecai. Godson Abraham de Mercado? Son of Jacob .Great niece Sara Peira daughter of Rachel Pereira
Bequests Rachel Guttero? Wife of Joseph Jacob Dias Fernandes. Rebecca Aguilar wife of Isaac of London Manasol? . Son of Rachel Peireria. Niece Esther Franco wife of Abraham. Nephew Manasoh Lopes ‘all the present? And likewise all the future? And increase of my said negro slave Betty to hold to him and his heirs and ? for ever’ Christianas negro slave £5 Jamaica currency and his freedom .Friend Benjamin Dias Fernandes Soou? now in London. Esther and Sarah Dias Fernandes daughters of Benjamin Rebecca Lopes Dias. Negro slave Betty her freedom and £5 Jamaica currency. Joshua Peira son of David
Executors, Administrators Her brother and nephew Maria? Rodrigues Lopes
Witnesses William Baxter 98 Charlotte Street. William Rotten 23 Rathbone Place
Notes Asks to be buried in the Jews burial ground . Has house in Balham Hill Surrey and house n White Street Kingston Jamaica
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1304