Will Extract
MONTEFIORE Moses Vita otherwise Moses Montefiore
Reference NA2352
Forenames Moses Vita otherwise Moses Montefiore
Probate Date 1789 [29 Dec]
Address Philpot Lane City of London
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Ester
Siblings Joseph (Leghorn).Esther wife of Gabriel de Boy? Lopes (Leghorn)
Children Judah.David.Samuel.Joseph.Eliezer.Joshua.Jacob. Jael wife of Prospero Montefiore ( Leghorn)Simha wife of Zarria Levy Rachel wife of Moses Ancona.Rachel wife of Moses Nunes Castello Barbados. Reyna wife of Abraham Ergas
Grandchildren Moses Vita Montefiore eldest son of his eldest son Judah. Second and third (unnamed ) sons of Judah
Other Relatives Brother in law Moses Vita B? arale? Of Leghorn
Executors, Administrators Sons David and Samuel
Witnesses Isaac Lumbrozo De Mattos and Jacob De Pinna notary
Notes Asks to be buried in the Portuguese Jews burial ground Mile End. See Cemetery Scribes ID 8181- his wife is Esther Hannah Racah
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1186