Will Extract
LEVY Hyman jr.
Reference NA299
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Hyman jr.
Probate Date 1769 (20 dec)
Address St. Mary Axe
Occupation Jeweller
Spouse Bilha Levy
Siblings Sisters, Billia Hollander of Hamburg Altona and Juda Phillips (deceased) . Brothers, Lazarus Levy (deceased), Joseph (deceased)and Zephira
Children Simon Hyman Levy. Daughters, Martha the wife of Napthali Hart, Merchant of Drury Lane; Juda (Judith) the wife of Nathan Cohen, Merchant of Poor Drury Lane
Other Relatives Uncle, Lazarus Simon (deceased), Aunt Margoles Simon. Sisters of his Aunt are Judith and Jochabed Hart. Nephews, Hiam Levy of Hamburg (deceased); Hiam Joseph Levy of Hamburg; Masannell Levy the son of Aaron Levy of Hamburg. Rebecca the widow of his brother Joseph. Niece Martha of Hamburg the daughter of his sister Juda Phillips of Bordeaux;
Bequests Moses Franks, Israel Levin Salomons and Napthali Hart Myers
Executors, Administrators Moses Franks, Israel Levin Salomons and Napthali Hart Myers
Witnesses Saville Read, attorney of Copthall Court and his clerks Thomas Lowton and John Leitch; Ann Collett and Susanna Huips.
Notes He and Aaron Franks of Bishopsgate were beneficiaries in the will of Lazarus Simon. He mentions also Moses Franks of Billiter Square, Israel Levin Salomons of Bethnal Green and Napthali Hart Myers of Bury Street - all Merchants. He asks to be buried at Mile End. Note in the margin of 1791 almost illegible but seems to include the name of Eleazer Levy Cohen.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/953