Will Extract
Colaro d’Oleveria Rachel
Reference NA2361
Family Name Colaro d’Oleveria
Forenames Rachel
Probate Date 1760 [30 Oct]
Address Amsterdam
Occupation Widow
Spouse Salomon Colaro d’Oleveria
Siblings Ester Mocatta wife of Isak de Abraham Henriques Moron
Other Relatives
Bequests Isaac Salom de Dalla?Isaac do Abraham do Robles. Rachel daughter of David Fereira. Isak do Joseph Ohob Brandon
Executors, Administrators Parnassim Portuguese Jews Nation Amsterdam. Isaac do Mosoh do Crasto. Jacob do Aron Israel Suafso?
Witnesses Ho? Smits. Hendrik Stompos.William Decker Junior notaries
Notes Translated from Dutch. Asks to be buried in Jews burial ground Oudenkerk next to her husband
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/860