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HENRIQUES Jacob de Abraham Nunes aka Jaques Henriques
Reference NA2401
Forenames Jacob de Abraham Nunes aka Jaques Henriques
Probate Date 1736 [5 Aug]
Address Amsterdam Holland
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Spouse not named
Siblings Manuel alias Aron Henriques
Other Relatives Benjamin and Isaac Ferriera the children of his niece Esther Henriques and Abraham Henriques Ferriera. Gratia Henriques de Mesquita. Children of his nephew Aron Henriques de Mesquita
Bequests Isaac de David Pinto and his wife Rachel Henriques niece of the TestatorRachel Henriques de MesquitaRibca d Ca? Henriques de MesquitaMoses Cohen. his wife and son Matthias Cohen in ParisAbraham Dias Quitiezes?
Executors, Administrators Aron Henriques alias Mannuel Henriques. Aron Henriques de Mesquaita. David de Pinto Junior
Witnesses Leendert?Slang. Jan Froen? Junior. J Barrells notary
Notes Translated from Spanish. Asks to be buried at Onderkirk in a sepulchre he bought. Refers to a Marriage Contract of Sunha Cohen mother of Matthias Cohen and wife of Moses Cohen made 5 January 1725
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/678