Will Extract
LINDO Justina
Reference NA2433
Family Name LINDO
Forenames Justina
Probate Date 1837 [5 Jul]
Address Stoke Newington Middlesex. But late of Newington Priors Warwick
Spouse Spinster
Parents Esther ( widow) deceased
Siblings Louisa. Henry.Esther Dubois widow. Abraham
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Moses Da Costa Lindo. Henry Lindo
Witnesses Herbert Jennor. Prest. G Buckton notary
Notes Justina Died January 1832. Her sister Louisa 24 Downing Street Westminster Middlesex spinster appeared and stated she was the lawful sister of Justina. She referred to Fanny Westmarott Confidential Servant employed by Esther Lindo the mother who found the will of Justina in her wardrobe. Esther Lindo confirmed that the will was that of her daughter Justina
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1881