Will Extract
LEVY Solomon
Reference NA308
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Solomon
Probate Date 1841 (11 Feb)
Address 39 College Green, Bristol
Occupation Silversmith
Spouse Arabella
Parents Sophia Levy
Other Relatives mother-in-law Judith Joseph, brother-in-law Barnet Lyon Joseph.
Executors, Administrators Arabella and Sophia Levy, Judith Joseph and Barnet Lyon Joseph
Witnesses Joseph Chaplin and James Dix, chocolate maker.
Notes “my last and fervent request is that my dear wife… shall not again marry as for if she does again marry she will be unhappy and her children unfortunate.” His marriage settlement involved Mr. Else? Solomon? of Bath. For Arabella’s family see [Wm. Schonfield, ‘The Josephs of Cornwall’, a paper given at the Jewish Historical Society of England, 20 December 1938,
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1941