Will Extract
Reference NA2443
Family Name LINDO
Forenames Grace
Probate Date 1788 [21 Jan]
Address Devonshire Square London
Occupation Widow
Spouse Elias. Broker
Siblings Abraham de Mattos Mocatta
Children David.Esther.Abigail.Rebecca.Moses.Bathsheba (eldest daughter)
Grandchildren Grace daughter of Isaac. Elias son of Moses
Other Relatives Daughter in law Esther wife of Isaac. Sarah wife of Moses
Executors, Administrators
Notes Refers to an Indenture in three parts dated 29 April 1757 made between her husband.brother.Moses de Jacob Fauro. Moses Isaac Levy. Rachel and Jael Abarbanel.Isaac Moses Lindo. Isaac Moron.David Berlindo. Esther Dias. The Indenture to be used to provide bequests to her children
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1161