Will Extract
Reference NA2470
Family Name SAMUDA
Forenames Joy
Probate Date 1851 [24 Apr]
Address South Street Finsbury Square London
Spouse Abraham
Children She refers to four surviving children Abigail. Rebecca. Rosa. Sarah
Other Relatives
Bequests Manuel De Castro South Street Finsbury
Executors, Administrators Abigail Rebecca Samuda. David Samuda
Witnesses Rebecca da Costa. David Samuda 2 River Cottage North Islington
Notes Proved by Abigail Rebecca Samuda spinster and surviving executor. Marriage 26 March 1809 Bevis Marks Spouse Abraham Samuda b 1781 -parents Jacob de Abraham Samuda. Abigail de Isaac Pina. Joy (Simha)Aguilar ID 25225-parents Hannel Pereira alias Aguilar.Rebecca de Joseph Treves. Children- Abigail R 1810.Jacob 1811.Joseph D’Aguilar 1813.Rosa 1815.Rebecca 1817.Sarah 1818. Burial Novo Cemetery. 1851 HO107 1519 428 9 32 Myddleton Square Clerkenwell Middlesex. Abraham Samuda 70 widower and his daughters Abigail.Rosa. Sarah
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/2131