Will Extract
JESURUN aka Jesurun Barzilay Aaron aka Jacob
Reference NA2476
Family Name JESURUN aka Jesurun Barzilay
Forenames Aaron aka Jacob
Probate Date 1787 [12 Oct]
Address Formerly of St.Dunstan Stepney Middlesex but late of the Hague
Siblings David Jesurun.Amsterdam
Children Sarah. Hannah
Grandchildren Samuel. Hannah daughter of his brother David of Amsterdam. He does not name all his grandchildren
Other Relatives Niece Sarah Jesurun. Children of Sarah his daughter Rachel. Ester. Rebecca. Jacob. Sarah the wife of Manuel Boaz Nunos Children of Hannah his daughter not named. She was the late wife of David Rodrigues Brando
Executors, Administrators Isaac Rodrigues Nunes. Manuel Boaz Nunes
Witnesses Joseph Portifos.St.Michaels Alley Cornhill London notary. Jacob De Pinna (same place) notary
Notes Refers to his daughter Sarah’s marriage contract in Amsterdam 29 November 1777. Translated from Portuguese. Asks to be buried next to his wife in the Portuguese Jews burial ground Mile End
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1157