Will Extract
Reference NA2468
Family Name DELGADO
Forenames Jacob
Probate Date 1750 [14 Apr]
Address Amsterdam
Occupation Broker
Spouse Ribca De Cassoros
Parents Moses
Siblings Josua.Gideon.Rachel wife of Benjamin de Cassoros Henriques
Children Moses. Isaac
Other Relatives Cousins-Ribca or Kate of Manasso Delgado. Isaac and Esther Delgado their father Manasso of Moses Delgado
Executors, Administrators Ribca do Cassoros. Maassoh Delgado. Jacob Jesurun
Witnesses Absalom van Marlo. Loun Bangar
Notes Translated from Dutch. Asks to be buried at Onderkerk.Has a Holland Lottery ticket 21 Dec 1747 which forms part of his probate. The will was re-visited 31 October 1776 by Rebecca Capodoso widow of Jacob Delgado’s late brother. Manasso Delgado one of the executors was deceased and the other executor Jacob Jesurun was an insolvent debtor and therefore ineligible to administer the will. Rebecca deputed herself and Isaac Delgado in London as joint executor and trustee to the will. The court held that Isaac Delgado should be confirmed Surrogate Executor and enable to administer the probate in full.
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/778