Will Extract
Reference NA2467
Family Name VALVERDE
Forenames Leah
Probate Date 1770 [12 Jun]
Address City of London
Spouse widow
Other Relatives Nephews and nieces Isaac Israel and his niece Leah Moses Franco and his wife Deborah Island of Barbados. Jacob Israel Nunos Island of Barbados. Jacob Valverdo Island of Barbados. David and Simha children of Jacob Valverde Island of Barbados. Rachel wife of Elias Nunos Island of Barbados. Abraham. Elias. Benjamin. Jael children of her nephew Isaac Israel Nunes City of London. Brother in law Moses Nunos City of London and his 2 daughters Jael and Rachel
Bequests Abraham Elias Benjamin. Friend Elias Lopes Pereira City of London
Executors, Administrators Isaac Israel Nunes London. Moses Franco. Barbados
Witnesses Moses Israel Fonseca. Abraham Lopes Fernandes
Notes Asks to be buried according to the customs of the Jewish nation
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/958